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Adaptive Channel, the developer of in-flight entertainment (IFE) and digital press solution ACES, has unveiled a new eReader designed to improve passengers’ in-flight reading experience.

“The eReader has been overhauled to incorporate the best features available in the market combined with a unique and extremely user-friendly interface,” said Laurent Safar, CEO of Adaptive. “As an example, now passengers may both read PDFs page by page or in article mode, which makes it more fluid, in particular on smartphones. Passengers may also bookmark pages and articles within their newspapers and magazines as well as access articles in various new and useful ways.”

According to a press release, the Adaptive Digital Reader offers a modern user interface, intuitive navigation and new UX features, such as the ability to bookmark, which Safar mentions above, a table of contents and a slider/navigation rail. The eReader also integrates usability features familiar to Apple devices users (including swiping up/down to find/hide the table of contents, pinch or double tap to zoom in/out).

“Thousands of people travel every single day, in airports around the world,” said David Fairand, Adaptive’s co-founder and COO. “Out of those thousands, a large percentage of people who are traveling – and attempting to use the IFE during their trip – have physical limitations that make traditional IFE systems unusable. As a company, we believe in being inclusive and we wanted our product to be enjoyable and entertaining for all passengers – and the Adaptive Digital Reader is the first step in making that a reality.”