SkyLights Selected for Hangar 51 Global Accelerator Program

Image via Hangar 51

APEX Insight: The third iteration of IAG’s Hangar 51 global accelerator program is taking place in London between now and the end of the year. Ten aviation-related start-ups will be taking part.

SkyLights is one of ten companies to have been selected to participate in the latest Hangar 51 global accelerator program being run by International Airlines Group (IAG) in collaboration with British Airways, Avios and IAG Cargo.

The in-flight entertainment company, which specializes in headsets that provide passengers with immersive 2-D, 3-D and 180-degree cinema experiences as well as virtual reality content, successfully pitched its products to a judging panel in early September.

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For the next 10 weeks, SkyLights will be based in London to work with mentors and experts from IAG Group, where it will have access to the resources needed to develop, shape and test its products. At the end of the program, the company will then take part in a demo day in the UK’s capital city on December 14, 2018.

“Hangar 51 enables startups to accelerate their business growth through mentorship and access to one of the world’s largest airline groups,” explained Dupsy Abiola, IAG’s head of Global Innovation and one of the program’s mentors. “It’s a fertile ground for start-ups because they can be eyeball-to-eyeball with us and IAG has the opportunity to explore new applications in areas of emerging technology and user experience.”

Other start-ups selected for the 2018 iteration of the Hangar 51 global accelerator program include:

A US-based start-up with an application programming interface (API) that enhances flight search results by detailing the mileage earning and frequent flyer benefits of each fare.

A Swiss startup which feeds airport ramp video footage into the airlines’ networks to improve aircraft turnaround times.

An Israeli startup that has created a wearable medical monitoring device suitable for passengers, pilots and cabin crew.

Emu Analytics
A company that generates real-time data and analytics to track cargo/baggage containers.

An app which allows travelers to find unique trips with one tap using artificial intelligence (AI). Users set a budget, tap the “Lucky” button and can immediately see hundreds of destinations in Europe.

Mobilus Labs
A wearable voice communications platform which enables teams to connect from various environments.

SATAVIA has created a cloud-based platform that provides airlines with a combination of satellite earth observation data, numerical weather prediction and aircraft tracking to allow the aviation industry to make more intelligent decisions in terms of optimizing maintenance and flight operations.

Signol has developed software which analyzes operational data and provides feedback to pilots to improve fuel efficiency and help reduce CO2 emissions.

Soter Analytics
A company which specializes in wearable health devices for airport ramp operations staff with the aim of preventing physical injuries in workplaces.

Previous Hangar 51 participants include Volantio, which received funding from IAG following the 2017 program in Madrid.