The future of flight shopping, according to Routehappy by ATPCO. Image via Routehappy by ATPCO

Routehappy by ATPCO has diversified its product to include three rich content hubs that can each be managed by a different department in an airline’s organization.

Routehappy by ATPCO has announced an expansion of its offerings with the unveiling of Routehappy Rich Content Solutions for Airlines. Where once there was simply Routehappy Hub, now there are three rich content hubs that allow airlines to differentiate their product: Amenities Hub, UTA (Universal Ticket Attributes) Hub, and UPA (Universal Product Attributes) Hub. These hubs offer airlines a wide range of features in the creation, management and distribution of their rich content, with new levels of control and customization features for both direct and indirect channels.

Amenities Hub enables airlines to customize and control the merchandising of core product attributes like seat, food and Wi-Fi. For example, airlines can now customize Routehappy Amenities to reflect brand differentiation or personality, such as “Three-course meal” instead of “Dinner provided.”

UTA Hub lets airlines communicate the benefits and restrictions of different fares. For example, the UTA conveying priority boarding can show as “SkyPriority” instead of just “Priority.”

UPA Hub enables airlines to bring product merchandising content to life across shopping channels with photos, videos, descriptions, and more. “The list here is pretty endless whether an airline wants to focus on its gourmet food from Rockpool, or its Westin bedding in business class, or its renovated Polaris Lounge,” said Robert Albert, CEO of Routehappy by ATPCO. “UPAs in UPA Hub can focus on any product feature for any airline that is unique or a key differentiator.”

“The three hubs make it easy for airlines to manage their different rich content types and help bring disparate airline departments together with a common goal.” – Robert Albert, CEO of Routehappy by ATPCO

Why three hubs instead of one? “The three hubs are all connected and streamlined in the same cloud environment,” said Albert. “What Routehappy has determined is that rich content is connected but managed by different departments in an airline’s organization. The three hubs make it easy for airlines to manage their different rich content types and help bring disparate airline departments together with a common goal. It’s one single platform for multiple departments that interconnect together.”

Routehappy also unveiled Amenities 360, UTA 360, and UPA 360, which give subscribed airlines access to a complete view of their rich content in a cloud-based interface, with powerful search and filtering tools. “We built the 360 tools for content validation and as an insight tool for airlines,” said Albert. “It gives them the opportunity to see and search their rich content like a consumer would see it, so they can view what it looks like before sending it out to direct and indirect channels.”

Routehappy will also launch Routehappy Agency, a team of dedicated rich-content strategists that help airlines get the most out of these tools’ potential.