Install STG Aerospace’s liTeMood Across its Airbus Fleet

Image via STG Aerospace

As it transitions to an all-Airbus fleet, Volotea will roll out STG Aerospace’s liTeMood LED cabin lighting systems.

Spanish low-cost carrier Volotea has ordered 45 full-color liTeMood LED cabin lighting systems from STG Aerospace as it embarks on a five-year transition period from a mixed fleet of 78 Airbus A319 and Boeing 717 aircraft to an all-Airbus fleet. The first batch of installations has already begun.

Isidre Porqueras, Volotea’s chief of Cost and Operations Performance, commented, “Having made the decision to transition to an all-Airbus fleet, our next task was to ensure that our passengers would have the most enjoyable and memorable journey we could offer them.”

Released earlier this year, the full-color version of liTeMood for single- and twin-aisle Airbus aircraft offers a choice of more than 16 million colors. The solution can be used to create bespoke scenes, like sunsets or sunrises, by using a patented wireless programming tool.

“After completing an on-wing demonstration on their aircraft earlier this year, the Volotea team subsequently made a visit to the STG Aerospace Innovation & Engineering Centre in Wales where we finalized the ideal color configuration to suit the Volotea brand identity,” explained Marcus Williams, Global Sales Director of STG Aerospace.

STG Aerospace says its liTeMood product delivers a range of operational benefits, including a mean time between failures in excess of 55,000 operating hours as well as a reduction in power usage of 55% compared to incumbent systems.

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