KLM AR Facebook app

KLM’s augmented reality Facebook feature allows travelers to start their vacations before they board the aircraft.

KLM has introduced an augmented reality (AR) experience called Tune Into Your Travel, which promises to add a dash of whimsy and fun to the experience of waiting at the airport. Using Facebook’s camera platform, Tune Into Your Travel allows travelers to frolic on a beach with a dancing starfish, explore the jungle with an intrepid turtle or roam the streets with a curious koala.

To launch the new feature, find KLM in Facebook Messenger. Tune Into Your Travel is located in the menu, under Fun Stuff. The departure lounge then becomes a playground for travelers and their animated pals!

KLM isn’t new to the AR game, having previously introduced the capability of virtually measuring a carry-on bag to see if it will fit in the overhead bin. (LATAM offers a similar feature.)

KLM focuses its efforts on Facebook, if only for the purposes of providing new passenger interfaces. The maturity of the social media platform makes it an easy choice for developing new experiences: the airline doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. This isn’t just about ease of development and launch, though. Tune Into Your Travel is part of a much larger trend of allowing people to experience a version of the world with the help of a networked device.