APEX Insider: Claudia Sender, VP Customers, LATAM Group

Image via YouTube

In this episode of APEX Insider, Claudia Sender, VP Customers at LATAM Group, talked to APEX Media director Maryann Simson about the group’s ongoing retrofit program, ambitions around sustainability and the need for more women at the executive level as well as in the cockpit.

During the interview, Sender explained that LATAM’s retrofit choices are the result of listening to customers and finding “the cabin experience is super relevant in generating loyalty amongst the passengers,” especially frequent flyers traveling for business.

Proud of being listed in the 2018 Dow Jones World Sustainability Index for the fifth consecutive year, Sender revealed that LATAM Group is currently working on no fewer than 25 fuel efficiency initiatives with, a view to achieving carbon neutral operations.

When asked about her experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry, Sender commented that “over 50% of passengers are women” and that the same diversity needs to be replicated in the airline’s meeting rooms.

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