We.Stream Mondicon

Image via Mondicon

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is making it easier for its top-tier customers to connect to the world, with a new partnership with We.Stream, Mondicon’s mobile WiFi hotspot that subscribers can carry with them.

Beginning tomorrow, business-class passengers on KLM flights can purchase the pocket-sized We.Stream device in flight. This duty-free offer allows for immediate connectivity once the plane lands, in not only the places that KLM flies, but in a total of 145 countries.

We.Stream is completely secure, which is one of the reasons Mondicon believes it is the wave of the future in international connectivity. “Travelers use public Wi-Fi as an alternative to the high data roaming charges, but this comes with high security risks,” We.Stream marketing manager Robert Pronk explained to APEX. “With our device’s built-in VPN functionality, we offer travelers a cost-effective and secure alternative to using public Wi-Fi.”

Pronk elaborated on the advantages offered by the KLM special deal, saying “Normally, the We.Stream costs € 149 (excluding VAT charges). This includes three days of mobile data for free. After purchase, customers are free to add the data bundle that fits their needs. We have data bundles available for a day, a week, a month or a year. For KLM passengers, we created a special duty-free offer that includes the device and one year of unlimited Internet access, which can be used in 145 countries worldwide. The price of this proposition is € 399.”

The company plans to partner with other airlines in the future to offer this innovative way for travelers to stay connected without incurring roaming charges or paying for expensive international plans on their mobile phones. For this first initiative with KLM, Mondicon made certain that KLM’s business-class passengers who purchase the We.Stream will experience flawless connectivity on the ground, virtually anywhere the airline flies.

“While working on this agreement, we kept a close eye on the destinations of KLM flights. Based on this information, we have expanded our worldwide coverage even further, adding 42 new countries. Some of the countries that have been added to our coverage list are the Dutch Antilles, Surinam and most countries in the Caribbean and in Africa,” We.Stream CEO Jurgen ter Hoeve disclosed.

Frank Hoogma, account manager SME at Air France-KLM, is certain that the airline’s passengers will be delighted with the We.Stream device. “We offer our passengers only products with truly added value. We.Stream is a great example of a product that fits this requirement,” he said. “We.Stream makes mobile connectivity accessible and affordable worldwide with a great quality product that is also very easy to use. These are all features that are very important for KLM.”

The We.Stream hotspot connects to local 4G and 3G networks via a built-in Cloud SIM and easily connects to any mobile phone. It works continuously for approximately 15 hours when fully charged and supports five devices at a time.

This article was updated on November 1, 2018