APEX Insider: Alister Thorpe on Mastering Aviation Photography

Image: Stephanie Taylor

In this episode of APEX Insider, automotive and aviation photographer Alister Thorpe reveals the techniques he uses to capture stunning images onboard commercial aircraft.

With a major shoot requiring upwards of eight hours’ AOG (Aircraft on Ground) time – something which comes at a great cost to the airline – it’s important to give the client a sufficient variety of shots, Thorpe explained. “We have to work through all the different lighting scenarios onboard a plane. It’s all there for a reason,” he said.

Thorpe also talked about how it’s important to strike a balance between making a cabin look as beautiful as possible and keeping it realistic. He noted, “If you were a frequent flyer and you get on an airplane and it’s not like it is in the pictures then you’ll be disappointed.”

His advice for fellow aviation photographers? Take two of everything. “If something breaks you can’t call something else in […] you’ve got to get it through passport control and it’s not going to happen.”

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