CES 2019

Image via Pexels

APEX Media will be at the Consumer Electronics Show next week to investigate the latest tech trends as they apply to the airline passenger experience industry. Here’s a preview of APEX representatives and members who will be at the event. Let digital editor Kristina Velan (kristina.velan@apexmedia.aero) and news editor Ari Magnusson (ari.magnusson@apexmedia.aero) know if you’re exhibiting or attending and they will be in touch to schedule a meeting. Keep an eye on APEX’s social channels, apex.aero and the APEX Daily Experience newsletter for coverage from Las Vegas.

Data Discussion

Michael Childers, Lufthansa Systems’ chief consultant, Content & Media Strategy, and APEX Board Member and Technology Committee Chair, participate in a panel session on high-tech retailing on Wednesday. Alongside speakers from Facebook, Linc Global, Performics and Forrester Research, Childers will address the relationship between data and e-commerce as it applies to the air travel journey.

Passenger data is currently being collected in silos, Childers explained to APEX Media during a pre-event interview. “In order for data to have more value, we have to break down the silos and integrate the information into organized databases that can be used to target content, advertising and e-commerce to a particular passenger.”

Childers believes APEX can help establish ethical best practices for airlines with regard to the use of passengers’ personal data. “The challenge is to integrate the various data sources while observing and respecting privacy rules. In Europe, the use of data is being covered by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which is very strict right now. If you’re going to ask passengers to part with personal information, it has to be done through strict permissions and it is normally done on an incremental basis.”

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Panasonic Avionics

Image: Vance Walstra

Panasonic Avionics introduced its third-generation satellite communications network at CES last year. This year, the APEX member will showcase its latest in-flight wellness solutions, which were unveiled at APEX EXPO in September.

ThirdEye Gen

Image: ThirdEye Gen

Wednesday’s panel session on 5G and entertainment will feature Nick Cherukuri, the founder of mixed reality smart glasses manufacturer and APEX member ThirdEye Gen. Cherukuri, along with representatives from 20th Century Fox, Intel and Hulu, will discuss how 5G will change content consumption on the ground and in the air.

Fox Tripper

Image: Fox Tripper

Fox Tripper, a Marseille-based start-up that specializes in creating dedicated apps for in-flight entertainment systems, is traveling to CES with 10 other start-ups from southern France as part of the Business France ­– La French Tech delegation. Fox Tripper currently offers two products. The first of these is called City PAD, an interactive interface that allows passengers to discover more about the cities they are flying over, as well as their final destination. The second product, Omni Shop, is an onboard retail platform that allows passengers to book destination-based activities and services during a flight.


Image: Silentium

Silentium is the developer of an active noise control (ANC) technology and a sound management solution that minimizes external noise. During CES, the company will showcase and demo its Quiet Bubble products family, which it says can be embedded inside aircraft cabins. Silentium claims its algorithms follow changes in the noise spectrum and eliminate up to 90% of a sound.


Image: SkyLights

SkyLights’ immersive entertainment VR headsets have been made available to passengers flying with several airlines, including Air France, Alaska Airlines and British Airways. Now the company is planning to introduce the product to the consumer market under name Allovue. The headsets will be available on crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo. SkyLights is also expected to make a big announcement during the event.