Mirus Hawk seat

Mirus’ Hawk seat (stock photo). Images of TUI’s final selection have not yet been released. Image via Mirus Aircraft Seating

TUI Group has tapped Mirus for its Boeing 767 fleet overhaul, becoming the UK-based airline seat manufacturer’s second customer. Mirus previously secured economy-class seat deals with AirAsia for its fleet of Airbus A320 and AirAsia X’s A330-300 aircraft.

Mirus Aircraft Seating has announced that its Hawk seats will fly with TUI Group, which is retrofitting several of its airlines. The project will see the economy-class seats perched in Boeing 767s operated by TUI Group airlines in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. “To date we have sold over 120,000 seats, and whilst this isn’t our first installation (as we also have A320 ship sets flying with AirAsia), this is our first Boeing project and a great milestone for us, “ said David Spalding, sales manager for Mirus.

“The seat features a number of options, including an adjustable headrest, integrated power and a PCU [passenger control unit].” – David Spalding, Mirus

The Hawk seat will be a key element in TUI’s multi-million-pound retrofit campaign. “This particular variant that has been customized for TUI has been optimized for flights of up to 12 hours,” said Spalding. “[It] features a number of options, including an adjustable headrest, integrated power and a PCU [passenger control unit]. We also worked with TUI to customize the comfort system and embody their brand in the seat.”

Geert Somers, director of Engineering and Maintenance for TUI Aviation said in a press release: “Working together with Mirus, we are ensuring that our Boeing 767s will fly with a state-of-the-art interior and bring our guests comfortably to sunshine destinations across Asia or the Americas.”

Mirus was founded in 2015 by Phil Hall and Ben McGuire, who serve as CEO and COO respectively. “We have an eclectic mix of designers who come from a range of backgrounds,” said Spalding, “from aerospace and automotive through to interior design.”

More is on the horizon for the UK-based company, added Spalding: “We have signed contracts with additional airlines and are engaged with a number of clients. We will also be delivering long-hauls seats to AirAsia X starting in 2020. We hope to be able to give more details on our next customers in the very near future.”