Image: China Airlines

China Airlines’ latest amenity kits have been developed in partnership with The North Face to mark the Taiwanese carrier’s 60th anniversary.

China Airlines is celebrating its 60th anniversary by releasing a new range of amenity kits for its business-class and premium economy class passengers on long-haul flights. The kits have been developed in partnership with The North Face and will be available in two colors.

China Airlines said it chose to collaborate with the outdoor brand “to inject the elements of youth, sports and fashion into its cabins.”

Image: China Airlines

The first version is a red bag that will be introduced at the beginning of February, followed by a black bag in June. The Taiwanese carrier said it will offer more colors in the future.

Image: China Airlines

The North Face-branded business-class kits feature an outdoor pouch design, are made of a lightweight water-resistant fabric and include a carabiner metal clip, while the premium economy kits are made from a Tyvek material that is also water-resistant and reusable.

Both kits include basics such as toothbrush, toothpaste, eye mask and ear plugs, in addition to skincare products from South Korean cosmetics brand Laneige and hair oil from Moroccanoil.

Ari is the news editor at APEX Media.