LSG Sky Chefs

Image via LSG Sky Chefs

LSG Sky Chefs will provide catering services, including full-tray menus, premium dining and last-mile logistics, to Delta for another four years. 

LSG Sky Chefs announced on Friday that it has extended its catering contract with Delta Air Lines for another four years. The agreement covers full-tray menus, premium dining and last-mile logistics services for approximately 850 flights per day, at 38 stations in eight countries: Belgium, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, South Africa, South Korea and United States. The LSG Group subsidiary has been partnering with Delta globally since 2005.

“We remain committed in our mission to provide Delta with the highest standards of operational quality, service and performance and are excited for the opportunity to further strengthen our partnership with them,” said Cesar Forno, head of Sales, North America at LSG Sky Chefs. “As one of the world’s largest global airlines, we look forward to supporting their continued growth by providing them with the best-in-class service and operational solutions.”

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LSG Sky Chefs offers lounge and hospitality services in addition to solutions for in-flight catering programs including full-tray menus, premium dining, last-mile logistics and crew training. It delivers 696 million meals a year and is present at 205 airports across the globe, serving more than 300 airlines and a growing number of European train operators. 

Over the past year, LSG Sky Chefs also announced contract extensions with United and Cathay Dragon.