ATPCO Routehappy

ATPCO EVP of Retailing Robert Albert (left) and ATPCO CEO Rolf Purzer (right). Image via ATPCO

In an act of technological and cultural gene-splicing, a legacy airline-industry giant is embracing agility to stay one step ahead.

After acquiring Routehappy in February last year, ATPCO has now fully integrated the startup’s technology and team. Robert Albert, Routehappy’s founder and CEO, is taking on a new role as executive vice-president of Retailing at ATPCO. Meanwhile, Routehappy head of Sales Jonathan Savitch has been named ATPCO’s chief commercial officer, and Routehappy product head Jaivin Anzalota has been named chief product officer.

In addition to announcing the new leadership team, ATPCO CEO Rolf Purzer unveiled Retailing Solutions, a product line that unites ATPCO’s Optional Services and Branded Fares with Routehappy’s Amenities Hub, UTA Hub, and UPA Hub. ATPCO Retailing Solutions helps airlines create, manage and distribute differentiated airline products through various channels to consumers worldwide. The new alignment creates more efficient and accurate content, while improving content availability and time to market.

Purzer told APEX Media that ATPCO’s acquisition of Routehappy was driven by culture as well as content. Routehappy was not only made up of subject-matter experts, its executive team “was living that startup mentality,” he explained. “We wanted to get some of Routehappy’s genes into ATPCO to make us more agile!” Over the past year consensus emerged among stakeholders within ATPCO that retail support is the company’s top priority.

“We wanted to get some of Routehappy’s genes into ATPCO to make us more agile!” – Rolf Purzer, ATPCO CEO

ATPCO’s Next Generation Storefront standards, which provide channels a better way to display flights, will soon be integrated into Retailing Solutions. “We see these pilot programs expanding over the US marketplace over the next year or so, and then rolling out globally after that,” Savitch said. It takes time, he added, for sales channels to plug this new data into their own systems.

“We’ve known for years and years that the teams at airlines that make product investments on specific aircraft have not had the tools and resources to monetize them once they enter the flight-shopping world,” said Savitch. The synergy between Routehappy and ATPCO, he continued, makes “knocking those silos down actually achievable.”

ATPCO is co-owned by 15 different airlines, including Lufthansa, LATAM, Delta, British Airways and ANA. It manages over 200 million fares for 460 airlines, partnering with travel agencies, search engines, global distribution systems and governments worldwide. “Using our unique and trusted position as the guardian of data that powers flight shopping globally, we will help the industry unlock more value by providing solutions that help airlines modernize offer management and product display in all channels,” Purzer said.