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Image via Immfly

Iberia Express and Immfly rock the cabin with red carpet-ready celebration of Oscar-nominated biopic Bohemian Rhapsody.

Although historians seem to be divided on which film counts as the first official in-flight movie – was it Howdy, Chicago on an Aeromarine Airways amphibious airplane flight over Chicago in 1921, or The Lost World on an Imperial Airways flight in 1925? – the fact remains that movies and airplanes have been best mates for close to a century. There have been splashy, movie tie-in liveries paying homage to everything from hobbits and Disney Princesses to Star Wars characters and Shark Week; fantastical flights to Gotham City and Wakanda; and there was even a Nollywood movie premiere on an Air France flight from Lagos to Paris in 2016.

Yesterday, Iberia Express rocked a little Hollywood magic of its own with a special screening of Oscar-nominated Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody via the airline’s Club Express Onboard platform, powered by in-flight entertainment partner Immfly. The Spanish low-cost carrier surprised passengers on its Madrid–Copenhagen route with free headphones, disposable stands to support their personal electronic devices and tubs of popcorn.

“With this event, we wanted to offer passengers a truly unique and immersive experience so they could sit back, relax and enjoy the best cinema on board while flying to their destination,” said Julia Maruny, head of Content at Immfly.

Timed to coincide with the countdown to this weekend’s Academy Awards telecast, the Rhapsody screening highlighted the wealth of other top-tier content choices available free of charge on Club Express Onboard. Already hugely popular with passengers – 31.6% of whom gave the platform a score of 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 on Iberia Express’ latest customer satisfaction survey – Club Express Onboard surely captured the hearts and imaginations of a whole new flock of fans with this week’s “Killer Queen” experience.

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“We strive to offer an exclusive travel experience to our passengers throughout the entire customer journey, and it is a proven fact that the IFE platform provided by Immfly is a key contributor to our success,” said Paloma Cabañas, head of Customer Experience and Inflight Services at Iberia Express.

Though there were no reports of passengers dancing in the aisles or stomping their feet during the film’s turbo-charged Live-Aid-set finale, the event’s rhapsodic reviews on social media are surely music to the ears of all involved.