Marko Javornik, general manager of Voyego. Image via Comtrade Group

Targeted advertising continues to create a lot of buzz in the airline industry as airlines explore new ways to personalize the passenger experience. Comtrade Group has declared its intention to be a leader in the space.

Software engineering services and solutions provider Comtrade Group has launched Voyego, a standalone travel and mobility division focused on helping airlines and ground mobility organizations improve the passenger experience.

Headquartered in Dublin and Berlin, the Voyego team is made up of approximately 200 Comtrade employees from the company’s existing mobility and travel department. There are also plans for a range of new hires.

According to Comtrade, Voyego will deliver mobile apps, responsive websites and innovative payment solutions for its airline customers. It will also enable airlines to generate new ancillary revenue streams using its Adnexa platform, which allows airlines to tailor and target advertising content for passengers through channels including boarding passes and in-flight entertainment systems.

“Airlines are in a unique position within the travel ecosystem because they are orchestrators of the travel journey.” – Marko Javornik, Voyego by Comtrade

Voyego is also looking to the future of air travel, having created a Digital Transportation Lab to test new business models and emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, chatbots and blockchain. Marko Javornik, Voyego’s general manager, explained, “We want to be one of the key players in facilitating the digitalization of the travel and mobility industry on a global scale.”

“Airlines are in a unique position within the travel ecosystem because they are orchestrators of the travel journey,” he continued. “This has the potential to generate significant ancillary revenues that they’re not touching at the moment.”

In the 12 months leading up to Voyego’s launch, Comtrade’s mobility and travel department saw a 40 percent increase in revenue due to partnerships with airlines including Ryanair and Aer Lingus. As a result of this growth, Voyego is hoping to double its revenues by 2021, creating a significant number of new jobs both in Ireland and internationally.

In December 2018, Comtrade received a Best Innovation Award for Adnexa at the Airline Chief Digital and Innovation Officer Summit in Shanghai, China. The Adnexa platform was first revealed during February 2018 at the Aviation Festival Asia conference and exhibition in Singapore.