Image via jetlite

The jetlite controller counteracts jet lag while removing the onus of adjusting cabin lighting from the cabin crew.

Silver Atena and jetlite will unveil a prototype of the jetlite controller, an automated cabin lighting system, at Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg next week. The stand-alone hardware device, developed by electronics supplier Silver Atena, calculates ideal lighting conditions (color, brightness and duration) using jetlite’s human-centric lighting approach. The goal of the company’s lighting algorithm, which is based on flight parameters such as route, direction and time zones crossed, is to reduce the effects of jet lag.

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The jetlite controller weighs approximately three kilograms and measures seven cm by 32 cm by 30 cm. It can be operated through the existing cabin management system, meaning the cabin crew can start the automated light sequence using a touch screen interface that is installed in the flight attendant panel (FAP). While the final product won’t be ready until AIX 2020, the mock-up at this year’s event will show the automatic lighting changes for specific example flight routes.

According to Dr. Achim Leder, co-founder and CEO of jetlite, there is no other solution that fully automates cabin lighting. The main benefit of the jetlite controller, he explained to APEX Media, is enhanced passenger well-being but it also reduces crew workload and prevents human error: Since the lighting sequence is pre-programmed, it simply requires someone to start it. But it is also equipped with a manual overrule function, enabling flight attendants to ultimately retain control of the cabin lighting.