Octasmart mattress

Image via Vanema

Vanema has applied the ultra-light Octaspring technology to expand its product line from seat cushions to mattresses and pillows.

Vanema will reveal the Octasmart mattress for first-class suites, as well as the Octasupport collection, to the public for the first time at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg next week. The company, which is the exclusive Octaspring technology developer for the aviation industry, will also show its Octaspring® technology aircraft seat cushions – developed in partnership with Airbus, Stelia Aerospace and Boxmark – which it displayed at AIX last year.

“We are very close to the launch of the Octaspring seat cushions in commercial air travel.” – Ieva Baradouska, Studio Moderna

“We are very close to the launch of the Octaspring seat cushions in commercial air travel,” said Ieva Baradouska, head of Marketing and Communication at Studio Moderna, which owns the Octaspring brand. “We are working with few airlines at the moment, and will announce the customer once it becomes public.”

Vanema Octaspring seat cushions

Image via Vanema

Vanema claims the Octasmart mattress, which is based on the same Octaspring aerospace technology as the aircraft seat cushions, will transform first-class travel. In addition to weighing 30% less than its closest foam equivalent, it is eight times more breathable, resulting in a sleeping surface that is three degrees cooler. The individually placed Octaspring springs move three-dimensionally, distributing body weight across the entire surface, thereby reducing pressure points and improving comfort. The company plans to put a recycling program for the mattress in place, to minimize impact on the environment.

Octasupport collection

Octasupport collection (clockwise from top left): seat cushion, eight-in-one pillow, travel pillow, lumbar support pillow. Image via Vanema

The Octasupport collection includes a variety of products designed to improve comfort on long-haul flights: an eight-in-one pillow, a transportable seat cushion, a lumbar support pillow and a travel pillow. Vanema will also showcase its cabin crew mattresses, which are powered by Octaspring aerospace technology.