Image: Kristina Velan

The launch customer for Acro’s Series 6LC economy-class seat, which is designed for low-cost carriers and was shown to the public for the first time at AIX, will be revealed in the coming weeks. Acro is also gathering feedback on a staggered seating layout, which it is exploring in partnership with Airbus.

Acro Aircraft Seating unveiled the Series 6LC economy-class seat at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg today. The company expects low-cost carriers will find the seat especially attractive since it prioritizes light weight in addition to comfort. It features a pre-reclined fixed seatback, an upper literature pocket, a sliding table and lightweight armrests. Additional options include comfort seat covers, crew step, lower literature pocket and USB A & C provisioning.

“It’s still got the Acro hallmarks of wider middle seat, lots of curves and carbon composite seatback, but this is the seat that we’re taking to the low-cost market,” explained Alan McInnes, SVP Sales at Acro. “It doesn’t place light weight above comfort, [but at 9.1 kilos, it is lighter than our other seats]. It’s also slightly smaller, which means less real estate [for passengers] but a wider aisle.”

Acro plans to announce the Series 6LC launch customer (a major low-cost carrier) in the coming weeks.

In the Innovation Room – a closed section of the booth where cameras are banned – Acro is conducting a staggered seating study in collaboration with Airbus. “We took our Series 6 seats and said let’s see what happens if we stagger them to eliminate the shoulder conflict zone – it’s an exploration in passenger comfort.” said McInnes. “If [an airline] wanted Series 6 seats in an A320 aircraft, you could stagger them relatively easily. So we’re showing it to the industry to test the concept and see where it goes.”