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Presenting for the first time at Aircraft Interiors Expo, the newly formed company made three announcements: a solution that transforms the aircraft doorway into a social zone or cabin attendant working area; a reading light with three times the life of a standard reading light; and the implementation of its GlobalConnect management system to support Gulf Air’s new fleet of 30 Airbus A320 aircraft.

Within a span of two years, Rockwell Collins has acquired aircraft cabin interiors manufacturer B/E Aerospace, shed its in-flight entertainment business – which Burrana (formerly digEcor) acquired – and merged with UTC Aerospace Systems to form Collins Aerospace, owned by United Technologies Corporation. Presenting for the first time at Aircraft Interiors, the newly formed company, which has two products up for Crystal Cabin awards, made three announcements, showcasing its broad array of capabilities.

Throw a Pop-Up Party Without Sacrificing Seat Count

The company will also be showcasing its M-flex Duet monument, a linefit or retrofit solution, which transforms the aircraft doorway into a social zone or cabin attendant working area. The monument can be stowed away during taxi, takeoff and landing and deployed during flight.

“Traditionally, the space needed to add this type of service area meant sacrificing seating for the airlines which could mean an annual revenue loss in the millions per twin-aisle aircraft,” said Jefferey McKee, director of Research & Development, Interiors for Collins Aerospace. “Our team has created a brand new concept that benefits both the passenger and the airline by offering new amenities in the cabin with minimal to no seat reductions.”

Three’s the Magic Number

The company is introducing an ultra LED (uLED) reading light, which it says has three times the life of a standard reading light. It also has the potential to act as a dome light that works in tandem with the overall cabin lighting system to create different ambiences, such as bright for boarding and dim for night. Available with full-color options, the light can also illuminate a row of tray tables and the passenger floor area, eliminating the need for sidewall lighting.


Image via Collins Aerospace

“In the long run, uLED reading lights can not only save airlines operational costs, but can provide passengers a more individualized lighting experience throughout each portion of their flight,” said Steve Scover, general manager of Lighting Solutions, Interiors for Collins Aerospace.

It’s a Two-Way Fleet

Bahrain-based carrier Gulf Air will be implementing the Collins Aerospace GlobalConnect management system to support its new fleet of 30 Airbus A320 aircraft. The service enables ground operators to keep tabs on aircraft through highly secure bidirectional communication, including the exchange of aircraft maintenance, performance data and data feeds to mobile applications used by flight crews.

Gulf Air A320

Image via Collins Aerospace

“As a major international carrier … it’s critical that we keep our flying crew better informed while providing better data collection and improved analytics to drive operational efficiency and reduced maintenance,” said Gulf Air chief operations officer Captain Suhail Abdulhameed Ismaeel.