Image: Immfly

Wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) provider Immfly has launched a media division for in-flight advertisers called Adsfly. The impetus to separate its advertising business from its content business was due to the overwhelming number of campaign requests the company was receiving.

“The success we’ve had with advertisers justified having a standalone division,” said Sotiris Damianos, marketing director at Immfly.

With the addition of the Adsfly onboard ad-server, there is not only a dedicated team to serve advertisers, there’s also a tool for them. “Advertisers can now place messages, products, service and deals in unique ways in front of a captive audience,” Immfly said in a press release.

The announcement is a sign that in-flight advertising is flourishing for the company. Immfly works with brands such as Oreo, Coca-Cola, Danone and American Express and integrates them into ambient advertising campaigns in the IFE system. “We’re focused on making IFE profitable and turning around the traditional model,” said Damianos, citing its partnership with easyJet, whose NPS it boosted by 22 points.

Immfly adds that the platform can provide detailed metrics reports and deep insights into a target audience: “Advertisers benefit from valuable data and can measure their investment and campaign results. Airlines profit by delivering more powerful campaigns with clear visibility on the value and impact they deliver.”

Immfly recently opened offices in Hong Kong and Istanbul, and has won contracts with Iberia, Evelop and easyJet.