Image: Maxim Sergienko

Spafax announced a new feature for its entertainment personalization platform, Profile, that will allow airlines to extend the in-flight experience to airport lounges.

The Spafax Profile platform now allows passengers to begin browser-based streaming of movies and TV shows in an airport lounge and continue watching from where they left off once they board their flight.

Speaking to APEX Media at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Kevin Birchmore, Spafax’s global vice-president of Technical Sales explained that Spafax Profile has been built as an open, system-agnostic platform and is designed to complement and improve existing connected in-flight entertainment hardware solutions. “Our open APIs connect with airline integration points and third-party apps, enabling next-gen entertainment experiences for our clients’ passengers,” he said.

Profile can be integrated with Amazon Alexa so passengers can ask which movies are playing on their flight. Image: Maxim Sergienko

Before arriving at an airport, Spafax Profile also allows passengers to watch trailers, create a playlist of movies and TV shows, and “Ask Alexa” about what will be playing on an upcoming flight.

Birchmore said the platform uses a combination of a local connection to the server, geofencing and an IP address range to be able to automatically recognize when a passenger is inside a certain airport lounge and subsequently allow them to begin streaming browser-based DRM content to a mobile device or laptop. Through a partnership with Immfly, he said, Spafax can place content servers inside lounges, that allow airlines to offer a more limited selection of their onboard content to passengers on the ground.

“With average stays in many cases exceeding over two hours, this is the ideal moment to entertain customers.” – Jonathan Gilbert, Spafax

“Once seated in the lounge with a drink and some food, device usage, screen time and personal streaming become top lounge activities. With average stays in many cases exceeding over two hours, this is the ideal moment to entertain customers,” Jonathan Gilbert, Spafax’s vice-president of Digital Content and Development said.

According to Birchmore, Spafax aims to secure a trial for the service with an airline before the end of this year.