Display Interactive UGO

Image: Maxim Sergienko

Display Interactive announced this week at Aircraft Interiors Expo that it has partnered with Aeria Interactive to offer programmatic advertising in flight. Advertisers can target passengers with relevant content via Display’s in-flight entertainment (IFE) platform, UGO, thereby generating ancillary revenue for airlines.

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“Airlines want to benefit from the ad revenue opportunities available and we’re facilitating that with technology, whether in an online or offline environment,” said Tammam Shaibani, CEO at Aeria. “Advertising really only works when you have relevant content and we love the way the UGO stack looks and behaves.”

Display Interactive AIX

Display Interactive at AIX 2019. Image: Maxim Sergienko

Since UGO is powered by a server installed on the aircraft, it doesn’t require in-flight connectivity in order to function. Aeria’s Motus AI technology is the only ad server with offline media agency-approved validation trackers, the company claims. Motus also creates performance reports that advertisers can use to improve targeting.

“[Internet access] means a less captive audience because they can navigate to other websites.” – Ana Cerezal, Display Interactive

“What is challenging right now in connected aircraft for advertising is that [Internet access] means a less captive audience because they can navigate to other websites,” explained Ana Cerezal, director of Marketing and Communication at Display. “In a platform that functions offline, airlines and advertisers have more control.” The ads could link out to a website if the aircraft is equipped with in-flight Wi-Fi, but it’s better if the landing page is integrated into the platform, Cerezal continued.

While Display offers various forms of entertainment – including games, user-generated destination content and vlogs – the company is also aiming to turn UGO into a digital marketplace. It recently partnered with a major European payment company so that passengers can complete offline purchases using the platform.