Icelandair Pays Homage to Nature with New WESSCO Amenity Kits

One of two variations of the two-tone artic fox-inspired amenity kit designed by WESSCO International for Icelandair, launching this year. Image via Icelandair

The new amenity kits designed by WESSCO International for Icelandair embody the country’s essence, both in the purse design and the skincare products, which incorporate Icelandic ingredients.

Icelandair’s Saga Premium passengers on flights between Iceland and North America will soon benefit from the carrier’s new “Dýralíf” (Wildife) amenity kit collection created in collaboration with WESSCO International (WESSCO) and Icelandic skincare company Hannes Dóttir.

Kits with designs inspired by the shapes and colors of the puffin and arctic fox will launching in 2019, before designs embodying the Icelandic horse and raven succeed them in 2020. The collection was created following a trip by WESSCO’s design team to Iceland to experience the ethos of Icelandair, as well as Iceland’s flora and fauna.

The puffin purse features a zipper pull in the colors of the puffin’s orange, red and grey beak, while the arctic fox purse comes in two different two-tone color variations to symbolize the animal’s grey and white fur and features a two-tone zipper pull inspired by its plush tail. On the raven purse, the zipper pull takes its shape from the bird’s wings; and the Icelandic horse purse comes with an arched top that resembles the horse’s back, and a zipper puller in the style of a horse’s tail.

Icelandair Pays Homage to Nature with New WESSCO Amenity Kits

The raven (left) and Icelandic horse (right) amenity kits designed for Icelandair by WESSCO International, which will be introduced in 2020. Image via Icelandair

Each purse and its contents have been sourced with sustainability in mind. The purses are made from materials including recycled canvas, vegan leather and felt generated from recycled plastic bottles. Inside, there is a dental kit containing a toothbrush made from cornstarch-based biodegradable material. The socks in the kit are also made from recycled material and plastic use is minimal, with content wrappings made from paper.

Hannes Dóttir skincare products were selected for the kits because of their focus on ingredients from the Icelandic fjords. Each purse contains a lip balm made using vegan essential oils and sea kelp; a hand lotion infused with laminaria kelp that is exclusive to Icelandair; and a “Mineral Mist” to calm and hydrate skin.

Each kit also contains earplugs, an eye mask, stickers for use by passengers if they don’t wish to be disturbed and fun educational facts about its respective Icelandic wildlife. The kits are available for purchase to non-Saga Premium passengers in the online Saga Shop.

Icelandair also encourages travellers to stopover on transatlantic flights at no extra airfare and experience its wildlife for themselves.