Encore Inflight at APEX MMM

Image: Mark Harrison

Known for highlighting hidden gems and unearthing cross-cultural content from around the world, Encore Inflight is at it again at the APEX MultiMedia Market this week in Dublin.

With a current in-flight film slate featuring everything from the Japanese-language festival favorite Mr. Long to the pitch-black Spanish comedy Crime Wave and a neo-noir thriller starring Katherine Waterston and Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon called State Like Sleep, Encore Inflight is at APEX MultiMedia Market this week with a range of titles to suit even the most acquired tastes.

While Encore’s feature film slate has never been better – the big-screen adaptation of Hiro Arikawa’s beloved novel The Travelling Cat Chronicles looks especially promising for pet-loving passengers – Encore’s CEO Jovita Toh told APEX Media that its latest TV selections are definitely worth checking out as well.

“We have something called Foodmakers Go Global right now, which is a five-part series where two food artisans producing the same kind of food – one from Europe and another from Asia – meet up, spend time together and swap knowledge and know-how,” said Toh. “Each episode is dedicated to showcasing a single organic product – from fermented cabbage and flatbread to salted fish roe and pasta – and also to the unique stories behind the food they are preparing,” explained Toh. “Stories of real people who work to produce outstanding sustainable foodstuffs rooted in their local environment and culture.”

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Equally compelling, added Toh, is the cross-cultural Korean-Canadian sitcom, Kim’s Convenience. Canada’s answer to ABC’s long-running smash, Fresh Off the Boat, Kim’s follows the adventures of the Kim family as they run a convenience store in downtown Toronto. Currently in its third season on CBC and on Netflix in the US and Korea, the hugely-popular Kim’s recently scored 12 nominations at the Canadian Screen Awards, winning Best Comedy Series, Best Supporting Actor (Andrew Phung) and Best Lead Actor for Kim’s patriarch, “Appa,” played by veteran Korean-Canadian character actor Paul Sun-Hyung Lee.

But when it comes to APEX MultiMedia Market, Toh said she and her team are most excited about the lively, face-to-face interactions they have every year with their many airline customers.

“As excited as we are about these products, what we look forward to the most at this market is that we get to meet everyone at their scheduled appointments,” said Toh. “Buyers are constantly surprised by the content we have and we get to learn so much more about what airlines are looking for as well.”