Adaptive Stream Reader

Image via Adaptive

The Stream Reader offers a better digital press experience for all passengers, including those who are visually impaired.

Toulouse-based company Adaptive, which specializes in mobile in-flight entertainment (IFE) and digital press, recently launched a new web-based digital reader that features newspapers and magazines. The Stream Reader limits the bandwidth consumption and improves page rendering speed because it only loads the necessary page elements for display to the passenger, rather than the entire document.

Adaptive made sure to meet customer demand for accessibility features in the Stream Reader. For example, visually impaired passengers can adjust font size, line spacing, zoom and background color to increase contrast.

The product officially launched on March 31 and customers include a leading seatback IFE provider and several wireless IFE providers. Adaptive plans to reveal the clients in the near future.

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The Stream Reader is similar to the Adaptive’s Digital Reader in terms of design, but the latter is app-based (iOS and Android). According to Laurent Safar, co-founder & CEO of Adaptive, since the Stream Reader is typically used within a wireless IFE environment or sits on a connectivity portal, its content can be accessed exclusively during the flight. “However, it can also run from the cloud or any ground-based server on a passenger’s own device and, in this case, the passenger would have to access to the IFE content before and after the flight,” Safar told APEX Media.
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Adaptive also recently launched an automated content moderation tool as an add-on to its mobile IFE and digital press solution, ACES. Using artificial intelligence, the tool scans each image in an airline’s library of digital publications and outputs a percentage-based score based on the amount of nudity detected. The tool automatically identifies images that are above the percentage threshold set by the airline and replaces them with a stationary page. The tool it not yet able to effectively moderate video content.