Turkish Airlines Overnight Kit

Turkish Airlines Overnight Kit. Image via Galileo Watermark

Turkish Airlines is ensuring its amenity kits are stuffed with just the right thing – whether that be Molton Brown products for business-class travelers or anti-slip prayer mats for those on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Turkish Airlines has partnered with Formia, Galileo Watermark and Kaelis to launch a variety of new amenity kits. Formia announced in April an extension of its long-term contract with Turkish Airlines. As part of the three-year agreement, Formia unveiled new amenity kits at WTCE for passengers in economy and business class. Kaelis created the airline’s amenity kits for children, as well as for those embarking on an umrah pilgrimage, while Galileo is responsible for the airline’s overnight kits.

Business-Class Kits

Formia partnered with Versace to create Turkish Airlines’ new his and hers long-haul business-class kits, representing the first time the Italian luxury brand has been available on board any airline. The kits come in a variety of colors and sizes and contain Versace skincare products and a miniature eau de toilette for each gender.

For the short-haul business-class kit, Formia partnered with British fragrance and personal care brand Molton Brown. The chocolate brown-colored amenity kits are available in two sizes and contain lip balm and lotion.

Economy-Class Kits

Long-haul economy-class passengers will each get a choice of amenity kits in a variety of bold colors that were developed in partnership with Mandarina Duck, an Italian fashion company specializing in leather goods and travel items and contain Atelier Rebul lip balm. A separate short-haul economy-class kit was designed in collaboration with Istanbul Modern art museum, one of Turkey’s leading institutions for contemporary and modern art. The kits’ designs are inspired by the country’s culture and history.

Formia CEO and managing partner Roland Grohmann said the deal represents the “sweet-spot” in the company’s approach of bringing together its airline clients with globally recognized luxury brands. “We greatly value and appreciate our collaboration with Turkish Airlines and will continue to explore and develop new avenues and new products designed to enhance their world-renowned in-flight experience even further,” he said.

Children’s Amenity Kits

Kids up the the age of 12 who are flying with Turkish Airlines will be floating on air when they receive the new cloud-shaped amenity kit, developed in partnership with Kaelis. Each one contains non-slip socks, slippers, adjustable headphones, an eye mask, a toothbrush and White Glow toothpaste for children.

Turkish Airlines Childrens Amenity Kit Kaelis

Image via Kaelis

“The process starts with brainstorming ideas keeping in mind the current trends, followed by a dynamic process of product development which can be summarized by focusing on the 3 F’s: Function, Form and Footprint,” Manoj Pridhanani, creative director at Kaelis, told APEX Media. “Sustainability is a part for the process from the beginning and is a driving force in decision making.”

Umrah Kits

Kaelis also designed a kit for Turkish Airlines passengers embarking on an umrah, a pilgrimage made by Muslims to Mecca at any time of year. Each kit includes a versatile bag, an anti-slip prayer mat, an electronic finger tally counter and tawaf socks.

Turkish Airlines Umrah amenity kit Kaelis

Image via Kaelis

“The umrah kit was designed focusing on its use, versatility and comfort,” said Rocio Cordoba, marketing designer at Kaelis. “It is worth noting that the bag folds into a little pouch and can be used as a comfortable rucksack during the pilgrimage.

Overnight Kits

Turkish Airlines partnered with Galileo Watermark for the first time to recreate its Overnight Kits, which are offered to travelers who haven’t received their checked luggage. The kit for women will be available by the end of this month and includes a t-shirt, underwear, an eye mask, socks, a personal care pack, a comb, a dental kit and shampoo, body lotion and deodorant from British brand Scaramouche + Fandango. In the kit for men, which is already available, a shaving kit and aftershave lotion replace the body lotion and care pack.

Turkish Airlines Overnight Kit

Image via Galileo Watermark

“It was really important that the bag had reuse potential and wouldn’t be discarded once the contents had been used up. As a result, it was designed to fit an iPad and features a handle for convenience,” said Esmer Dukul, sales director, Europe, Galileo Watermark.