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Diehl’s Skypax “space miracle” optimizes the space at the rear end of single-aisle aircraft by combining the galley and lavatories side by side. Image via Diehl Aviation

Providing “turnkey solutions for cabin densification” is how Helge Sachs, Diehl Aviation’s senior vice-president, Product Innovation, describes the new cabin interiors products the company is developing.

During the RedCabin Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit underway in Seattle at the Museum of Flight, Helge Sachs, senior vice-president, Product Innovation at Diehl Aviation, shared details about some of Diehl Aviation’s new products and product ideas developed using its “Innovation Roadmap.” Among other advantages, the company says the approach allows it to connect innovation projects with market requirements and relevant technologies.

Helge Sachs senior vice president product Innovation - photo courtesy RedCabin

Helge Sachs, Diehl Aviation’s senior vice-president, Product Innovation. Image via RedCabin

The company’s Skypax “space miracle,” which recently won the German Innovation Award, optimizes the space at the rear end of single-aisle aircraft by combining the galley and lavatories side by side. It reduces weight, saves fuel and frees up space for more seats.

“Skypax is currently implemented on Airbus A320 aircraft,” said Sachs, “But it is a solution that can be put on wide-bodies as well.”

Sachs said Diehl Aviation’s portfolio of smart cabin ideas includes lighting that allows an airline to instantly rebrand its cabin and a “Bookable Bin” – an illuminated, increased-capacity overhead bin with a digital screen that can display reservation information or, notes Diehl, “branding, advertisement or other information.”

Bookable Bin Diehl

Image via Diehl Aviation

Diehl Aviation has also designed what Sachs described as a space-optimized lavatory.

“We reduced the width of the lavatory by 5.5 inches down to 31 inches,” Sachs said. “From the outside you might think it’s really small, but when you’re inside, with the concepts of the mirrors it feels like a real spacious experience.”

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A side-by-side lavatory with a removable partition to accommodate mobility-challenged passengers and a hygienic lavatory are also part of Diehl Aviation’s idea portfolio.

“Passenger comfort in a lavatory, particularly on long haul flights, is always compromised by hygiene,” Sachs explained, so Diehl Aviation is looking at making lavatories as touchless as possible. “For example, opening the door, opening the toilet lid, the waste flap and the water faucet functions. The idea was either to make it touchless or to make it voice-controlled.”

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The company showcased the voice control concept at the Airport Interiors Expo in Hamburg in April and Sachs said there was interest in using this option for passengers with reduced mobility.

“We need to solve problems that really matter – for the passengers, crews and for the airlines,” Sachs said.