Image: Qantas

Image: Qantas

APEX Insider takes viewers on the road, visiting airlines and suppliers across the globe. In this episode, APEX Media director Maryann Simson chats with Qantas’ Philip Capps at the airline’s Centre of Service Excellence in Sydney.

In the episode two of this season’s APEX Insider, APEX Media director Maryann Simson visits the Qantas Centre of Service Excellence (CoSE) in Sydney, Australia, to talk with Philip Capps, Qantas’ head of Customer Product & Service Development.

In the second section of this two-part interview, Capps talks about Qantas’ work with the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre to fight the effects of jet lag on ultra long-haul flights, including its 17-hour Perth–London service.

Capps explains how Qantas worked “with everyone from metabolic physicians to biomedical engineers” to design a passenger experience including light sequences and temperature changes throughout the flight in order to complement the natural human body clock.

To view the first part of the interview, click here.

This episode of APEX Insider was made possible by Bluebox Aviation Systems.