[VIDEO] Early Findings of the Air Transport 2035 Think Tank

Image via YouTube

Fast Future CEO Rohit Talwar describes how the consultancy’s study on the trends that will shape the next 25 years, commissioned by Heathrow Airport, led to the Air Transport 2035 think tank.

In this video interview, CEO of Fast Future Rohit Talwar explains how and why his company is working with Future Travel Experience (FTE) as part of a new think tank, Air Transport 2035. According to Talwar, the aim is to “drive real change” in commercial aviation rather than encouraging “a lot of rushing into technology,” which he believes is an ongoing issue.

The think tank has now completed the first phase of its research, collecting 350 responses to its 17-question survey. The next step for Air Transport 2035 is to conduct interviews and workshops with industry stakeholders.

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