APEX EXPO Lufthansa FlyingLab 2018

A session from the 2018 APEX EXPO FlyingLab being streamed by a passenger on board. Image via Lufthansa

Lufthansa is flying APEX EXPO attendees to the event on its FlyingLab for the second year running.

After a successful first event last year, a second iteration of the APEX EXPO FlyingLab will take place on board flight LH 452 from Munich to Los Angeles on September 7, before the 40th APEX EXPO officially begins on Monday, September 9.

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“On every FlyingLab flight we try to add something new, unique and valuable for the passengers, based on the topic and destination. The overall theme of this flight is ‘Powering the Next Generation of Passenger Experience,’” explained Dr. Joerg Liebe, senior director, Digital Innovations Hub, Airlines at Lufthansa.

The 2019 APEX EXPO FlyingLab will take place on an Airbus A380 aircraft, doubling the potential audience compared to last year’s event, which took place on an Airbus A350. In addition to the in-flight conference, passengers will also witness an in-flight concert this year. The FlyingLab team has given musicians Gregor Praml and Sascha Wild the challenge of bringing the noises of the A380 to life through music. The duo will present their interpretation of the aircraft, “Praml und Wild: A Symphony in A380!”, onboard flight LH 452.

“The overall theme of this flight is ‘Powering the Next Generation of Passenger Experience.’” – Joerg Liebe, Lufthansa

Passengers will also have the opportunity to volunteer for a design sprint co-creation session with Guido Woska, Lufthansa Group’s head of Passenger Experience Design. The aim of the workshop is to create products and services that enrich the passenger experience. The results will be presented during the flight, and the best ideas will be brought to fruition by Lufthansa for implementation on flights in the future.

The in-flight conference schedule includes talks from Ingo Wuggetzer, VP Marketing, Airbus; Lukas Kaestner, head of Marketing, PR & Events, Hamburg Aviation; Philipp Heiler, a medical doctor at neurotechnology company brainboost; and Gerhard Kaltenborn, chief experience officer at zeroG, a company using artificial intelligence to facilitate on-time departures.

“Past FlyingLab flights have shown that the passengers on board are the most enriching element of the event. Their contribution to the whole experience and the personal conversations that the FlyingLab stimulates during the flight are the heart of what we are trying to accomplish,” Liebe said. “Passenger feedback is also always essential – that’s how we learn and go forward. Besides the valuable presentations, I look forward the most to observing passengers talking to each other, exchanging their contact data, and having discussions about the program. This is my favorite part of a FlyingLab flight.”