Linstol Super Cup

Image via Linstol

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of APEX EXPO this year, APEX Media is looking back at its members’ most significant achievements. Today, we take a look at how Linstol’s recent Super Cup is tackling the plastic problem in the aircraft cabin.

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In 2017, Linstol introduced its customizable Super Cup to the market to reduce the environmental impact of catering resources in aviation. Air Calin and United Airlines are already using the product on board, with Linstol hoping many more will follow.

Traditionally, disposable paper cups used for hot drinks are created with a plastic coating, which means they are incompatible with conventional paper recycling systems and end up incinerated or in landfill. By contrast, Linstol’s Super Cup is made with EarthCoating, a mineral-enriched resin developed by material engineering company Smart Planet Technologies that uses up to 51% less plastic and can be easily pulped back into recycled paper products.

Linstol’s proprietary design for the Super Cup means there is little difference in weight between a standard double-wall hot cup and a Linstol Super Cup to ensure that switching to the product is a cost neutral-decision for airlines. It can also nest 40% more cups per stack, enabling easy pre- and post-use storage and collection.

“The Super Cup is designed to be valuable and easy for recyclers around the world to integrate into their paper recovery and recycling processes” – Mark Russell, Linstol

Mark Russell, CEO of Linstol, who spent months developing the product alongside director of Sales and Sustainability Bill Carrejo, commented, “The Super Cup is designed to be valuable and easy for recyclers around the world to integrate into their paper recovery and recycling processes. We consider environmental innovation an integral part of Linstol’s core values.”

Looking ahead, Linstol anticipates launching a single wall cup for cold beverages made with EarthCoating as a viable replacement for 100% plastic cups, along with a variety of other packaging, which could be optimized for environmental and economic benefits using EarthCoating.

“Supplying the Super Cup, as well as other products such as sugarcane bagasse dishes and food containers, bamboo napkins and compostable cutlery, allows Linstol to contribute to the tipping point in the airline industry that will see airlines eliminate plastics,” Russell continued.

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