Etihad Airways’ vice-president of Guest Experience and Delivery, Linda Celestino, opened her keynote with a rousing discussion about Etihad’s focus on sustainability issues and the success of the carrier’s Ramadan Sharing Fridge – a popular tradition in the United Arab Emirates where people in the community literally open their fully stocked refrigerators to share with the less fortunate in their communities.

Not to be outdone, Etihad Airways vice-president of Product and Guest Experience, Jamal Al Awadhi, put Etihad’s innovative approach to transforming the in-flight experience for their passengers into greater perspective by discussing the carrier’s Choose Well campaign.

Looking to carve out a “little niche” for themselves by offering their guests a premium experience across all cabins, Al Awadhi said Etihad has paid careful attention to even the smallest details, and it’s been paying off.

Improving upon its award-winning in-flight food options Al Awadhi said the carrier has upped the Choose Well factor further by now offering a sweet and salty menu, healthy choice options, more menu items for kids and a greatly expanded array of menu choices across the board.

Etihad has also been hard at work expanding its already epic in-flight entertainment offerings with digital publications, premium content in every cabin and a partnership with Apple Music.

“Apple is a strong brand to have on board to really inspire your next trip or find the soundtracks that you need for that holiday,” said Al Awadhi.

And whether you are arriving at the airport by private car, taxi or even public transit, Al Awadhi stressed the fact that offering an array of experience choices for passengers from all walks of life was key in Etihad’s strategy moving forward.

“Choose Well has been [running] for just over six months now … and what we really want to do is provide people the options they need to find their own journey,” explained Al Awadhi.