Image via Vanema

Vanema is displaying its bedding collection, developed in partnership with WESSCO International, for the first time, at APEX EXPO this week. The collection consists of mattress toppers, pillows and blankets designed with the company’s foam Octaspring Aerospace technology to optimize rest for business- and first-class passengers’ in flight by offering improved support and air circulation.

The company is also planning to announce the launch customer for its cabin crew mattresses imminently. “Our customers found that it’s actually a matter of safety – by improving rest the crew can perform their jobs better. When comparing against other mattresses, they can immediately feel the difference,” said Ieva Baradouska, head of Marketing and Communications at Vanema.

“When comparing against other mattresses, they can immediately feel the difference.” – Ieva Baradouska, Vanema

Octaspring is 50 percent lighter than similar products and recyclable, offering airlines a most sustainable, fuel-saving option. “Space and weight are two big challenges,” said Boris Ribicic, Vanema’s R&D director. “We had to rethink how we adapt our patented Octaspring Aerospace technology to deliver a high-comfort bedding product that still fits within the limited storage space of an aircraft.”

The first economy-class seats featuring Octaspring technology, developed with Airbus, are expected to begin flying this year.

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