Kinai Infotech Brings In-Flight Gaming to the Visually Impaired

Kinai Infotech demonstrates the in-flight video games it has developed for passengers on its booth at APEX EXPO 2019. Image: Vance Walstra

Whether they are fun, educational, or even just relaxing, in-flight games have been big business for years. The one thing they haven’t always been is accessible to all passengers. Hoping to change that fact, Mumbai-based Kinai Infotech has developed a suite of in-flight video games designed specifically for visually impaired passengers.

“If you look at the Android store there are very few games for the visually impaired. So, we were doing lots of research into how to offer something especially designed for these passengers and we came up with games which come in three modes,” said the company’s VP Marketing, Harish V G.

“There is a standard mode, which is the full experience available to all passengers. Then there is a different mode for people with partial visibility who can recognize certain colors, and then the third version is for people who cannot see and those games can be played using gestures.”

Featuring ten games at present – including such classics as Blackjack, Snakes and Ladders, Bowling and Tower Stack – which use heightened voice prompts and commands to guide players through the gameplay, V G said that Kinai is determined not to compromise on functionality or features in order to offer visually impaired passengers the “same joy” as every other passenger on the aircraft.

“We’ve always been socially inclined, and though we know there’s still a long way to go here, we also know it’s the right thing to do,” added Kinai Infotech CEO, Narayanan VK.