The opening screen of NHK's Have a Nice Stay videos.

The opening screen that features in the Have a Nice Stay videos. Image via NHK

Anticipating the tourism boost that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will bring to Japan, NHK has released a series of city guides that highlight different accommodations that can offer visitors the experience of Japanese hospitality, known as omotenashi. Called “Have a Nice Stay,” each 15-minute video introduces the viewer to an area of Japan through the lens of a hotel or inn with a unique characteristic.

“During your trip, we walk you through hotels and inns. That’s what you’re going to be thinking of on the flight,” says Akihiko Uchida, deputy general manager of NHK Global Media Services. “As accommodations make a visit even more worthwhile, the program also guides you to the best attractions in the area.”

As travelers become more knowledgeable and savvier with trip planning through the availability of online content such as YouTube videos, NHK thinks visitors will still want insider tips on where to experience authentic omotenashi.

“Because of NHK’s long history of working with all aspects of Japanese society, it has gained a reliable reputation from locals, and that enables it to gain access to accommodations that are incomparable,” says Tomoko Oono, senior producer of NHK Global Media Services.