The Integrated Seatarm concept from IFPL

Image via IFPL

IFPL has come up with a solution to help airlines offset the cost of installing in-seat power whereby passengers can fuel up their devices after watching a short advertisement or simply pay a small fee to charge their smartphones.

Airlines could also work with their media partners on more creative applications of IFPL’s AdPower solution, formerly called Charge to Charge. “The launch of AdPower is much more than a change of name. AdPower is firmly aimed at recovering the investment made by the airline. It enables the airline a number of configurable options to generate ancillary revenue,” said Dave Phillips, head of Business Development, IFPL.

“AdPower is firmly aimed at recovering the investment made by the airline” – Dave Phillips, IFPL.

IFPL, which designs and manufactures power solutions and jacks of all types, said there’s been a “marked interest” in its USB-A and C combination unit. “Airlines are aware that more passengers are adopting USB-C connectivity, therefore this provides a perfect solution for the transition period,” Phillips said.

The company’s Bluetooth audio jack was a finalist for an APEX Award in the category of Best Inflight Connectivity Innovation. Since IFPL introduced the product last year, it has further improved on the product’s signal strength, keeping it low to increase accurate pairing.