Image: Immfly

Red Bull and Immfly partnered to deliver brand activation marketing and onboard product samples to passengers bound for Spain’s Balearic Islands.

After announcing the launch of Adsfly in April, Immfly’s dedicated media division for in-flight advertising, the wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) provider is putting its money where its mouth is. Literally.

Immfly partnered with Red Bull to implement a refreshingly fun campaign built around Red Bull Coconut Edition, one of the Austrian energy drink company’s latest product offerings. The wireless IFE vendor utilized every tool at its disposal. The campaign included streaming Red Bull-themed content to passengers’ personal devices, creating dedicated digital channels and offering complimentary samples of Red Bull Coconut Edition, to bring a taste of the tropics into the airplane cabin.

After first defining a clear target audience paired to specific destinations, Immfly and Red Bull set about distributing thousands of Red Bull Coconut Edition cans to passengers on more than 80 flights to Balearic Islands destinations including Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca.

Image: Immfly

Hoping to further capture the hearts and minds of these passengers, Red Bull also sponsored several channels on Immfly’s IFE system, which enabled cut-through to a captive audience in an uncluttered media environment with exclusive, targeted messaging. This resulted in a tailor-made digital campaign streamed directly onto passengers’ personal devices.

Monitoring and analyzing the data collected during the campaign didn’t just allow Immfly and Red Bull marketing managers to make better decisions on future actions, it also facilitated an optimization campaign in real-time to maximize the return on investment.

Also noteworthy, said Ramón Rodriguez, Immfly’s advertising manager, was the huge impact the fun, energized campaign had on the passenger experience for Balearic island-bound travelers. “More and more brands rely on us given our clear value proposition: a captive environment where brands can interact with their target audience while delivering a tangible benefit.”