Image via Skyline IFE

Image: Skyline IFE

In-flight entertainment service provider Skyline IFE now has the capability to reprogram the Integrated Pre-Recorded Announcement Module (iPRAM) cards used by Airbus as part of the OEM’s Cabin Intercommunication Data System (CIDS) in house.

“In order to give airlines with iPRAM an alternative to the traditional options available, we have introduced a certified supply chain to reprogram existing Airbus iPRAM cards,” explained Richard Barsby, managing director of Skyline IFE. “We take their requirements, fully script and then record the announcements, create the digital files for the announcements and also any associated pre-licensed boarding music, then reprocess the card to the precise structure required by the iPRAM.”

“It’s refreshing to have a change, especially on routes with frequent flyers” – Richard Barsby, Skyline IFE

Barsby said the reason airlines update their iPRAM cards include alterations to their announcements to reflect changes to marketing messages and safety procedures, or the need to update their boarding music. “It’s refreshing to have a change, especially on routes with frequent flyers,” he commented.

Having already obtained certification under EASA form 1, the cards are now ready to be delivered to clients and installed on board. With this additional service, Skyline IFE offers production and programming services for multilingual pre-recorded announcements on all major PRAM systems.