SunExpress InFlight VR LEGO

Image via Inflight VR

Thinking outside the toy box, Inflight VR is enhancing the in-flight experience for SunExpress passengers through LEGO-branded IFE.

Adding another colorful brick to its partnership with Turkish carrier SunExpress, Inflight VR launched its first LEGO-branded virtual reality (VR) content experience on select flights last month. And to paraphrase the Oscar-nominated song from The LEGO Movie, everything (about this partnership) is awesome.

Expanding on LEGO’s commitment to developing games, apps and even actual LEGO sets with fun, interactive VR and AR elements to them, the SunExpress onboard experience consists of a branded cabin environment inside the VR experience itself, several LEGO City VR movies and a magazine in each seat pocket that converts to a poster.  The partnership also affords the carrier the chance to show off its LEGO-branded liveries.

SunExpress LEGO livery

Image via SunExpress

“From the beginning Inflight VR understood the various dimensions of value creation through the VR platform,” says Inflight VR chief marketing officer, Matthias Walther. “To take advantage of the marketing potential we teamed up with technology provider Pico Interactive who allows us to modify their devices to the specific requirements of the aircraft environment, and in-transit advertising experts Lasker Cross Media who specialize in facilitating collaborations between airlines, consumer brands and technology experts like us.”

Even before the launch of the LEGO partnership in September, Walther says that the passenger feedback Inflight VR and SunExpress received about their in-cabin VR headsets exceeded expectations.

SunExpress Inflight VR

Image via SunExpress

“The novelty of the [VR] product requires some education, which has been done very effectively by the SunExpress flight crews,” Walther notes. Once passengers get over what he calls the “initial hump of skepticism,” they found that Pico Interactive’s G2 headset — featuring Inflight VR content offerings — are being used longer than any other consumer device and receiving far better satisfaction ratings across the board.

“VR has so many dimensions if it’s done right,” adds Moritz Engler, founder and CEO of Inflight VR. “This collaboration will immerse passengers into some jaw-dropping or incredibly relaxing experiences and deepen their relationship with the brands of LEGO and SunExpress.”