HS 10080 XCT

Smiths’ HI-SCAN 10080 XCT. Image via Smiths Detection

After Smiths Detection’s CT scanner reduced security screening time by 50% at Melbourne Airport, Sydney Airport is testing the technology for both carry-on and checked luggage.

Sydney Airport is testing a computed tomography (CT)-based automatic explosives detection system (EDS) by Smiths Detection for checked luggage. The program follows a recently completed trial of the London-based provider of threat detection solutions’ CT-based carry-on baggage screening at the airport, which rendered the process both faster and less intrusive.

The trial is currently being conducted in Terminal 1, which handles 16.7 million passengers per year, using Smith’s HI-SCAN 10080 XCT. The scanner produces high-resolution 3-D images, which provide a high level of automatic threat detection, low false alarm rates and an accurate analysis of the bag’s contents, according to the manufacturer. The system is certified and approved at the highest defined security standards in the industry.

The company’s HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX, which was recently tested by the airport for carry-on bag screening, uses similar technology, allowing travelers to keep their electronic devices and liquids in their bags.

“CT scanning allows operators to quickly and accurately ascertain the contents of a bag without needing to physically open it.” – Matt Duffy, Sydney Airport

“CT scanning allows operators to quickly and accurately ascertain the contents of a bag without needing to physically open it,” said Matt Duffy, general manager operations, Sydney Airport. “That means faster and more efficient processing and, in turn, a more seamless airport experience for our passengers.”

Earlier this month, Melbourne Airport (MEL) became the first airport in the country to use the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX system in daily operations, following a successful trial last year. The equipment is installed in the airport’s domestic Terminal 4, which features four new security lanes comprising iLane.evo, an automated tray return system, and Checkpoint.Evoplus, a screening management platform.

The new screening system has proved popular with travelers, cutting the journey time through security screening by 50%, to just over a minute, according to the airport.

Smiths is also working with other airports in Australia. Gold Coast Airport conducted a trial of the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX earlier this year and Darwin International and Alice Springs airports plan to install the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX and HI-SCAN 10080 XCT next year.