APEX’s 2019 AvGeek Gift Guide

AvGeek Gift Guide

As Americans prepare to give thanks tomorrow, what better way to show appreciation for the aviation geek in your life this holiday season than with a gift that’s out of this world! Since even flight aficionados need to stay grounded, this year’s list includes a limited-edition sports car. With a price tag of almost half a million dollars, the Aston Martin Superleggera Concorde Edition will be tough to catch!

AirAsia Mini Pilot Romper: $10.76

AirAsia baby romper

Image via AirAsia

This outfit will encourage little ones to aim high.


Airline Maps Book: $30.00

This book, by Maxwell Roberts and Mark Ovenden, tracks the progression of airline maps over the past century. Published in October, it explores themes like creativity and colonization and features an American Airlines map decorated with zodiac signs. The authors believe airline maps were more interesting in the earlier days, when designers had carte blanche to use their imagination. “When you go back to some of these maps from before we even knew what the globe looked like from space, you can see that designers [had to] imagine what it must be like to fly above the Earth and look down at the planet,” Roberts said in an interview with CityLab.


Aircraft Window Decals: $33.99

Airplane Window Decals

Image via Wayfair

These decals are perfect for someone who could benefit from adopting a new outlook.


KLM Jet Legs Pants: $36.00

Image via KLM

KLM’s Jet Legs are on board with both the athleisure and sustainability trends. Stylish and comfortable (thus facilitating relaxation in flight and reducing the effects of jet lag), the tracksuit bottoms are made of recycled polyester and elastane, and the packaging is made of recycled plastic.

Airplane Umbrella: $41.52

airplane umbrella

Image via Amazon.com

These airplane-shaped umbrellas will keep their captains dry until the tail-end of any trip in the rain.


Qantas Centenary Coins: $120.00

Qantas Centenary Coins

Image via Qantas

Australia’s flag carrier is turning 100 next year. In honor of this milestone, the Royal Australian Mint created a collection of 11 coins, each depicting a significant element of the airline’s history. Great gift for someone who needs a change.


Aston Martin Superleggera Concorde Edition: $414,035

Aston Martin Superleggera Concorde Edition

Image via British Airways

British Airways is one year older than Qantas, and has been celebrating its 100th birthday this year with several special announcements, saving the most exclusive for last. The airline partnered with Aston Martin to launch a limited-edition sports car that contains titanium from compressor blades used across British Airways’ Concorde fleet, among other design features inspired by the supersonic jet. Parts of the proceeds will be donated to the Air League Trust, a not-for-profit that encourages under privileged children to pursue careers in aviation and the aerospace industry.