FlightPath3D’s kids maps include detailed visuals and interactive information on continents, oceans, deserts and even animals from. Image via FlightPath3D

With the peak holiday travel season upon us, families are taking to the skies in record numbers and a number of airlines are introducing kid-friendly offerings accordingly.

Airlines for America’s recent holiday travel forecast found that a record 31.6 million passengers were expected to fly on US airlines alone over the Thanksgiving holiday. And it’s a pretty safe bet that a good percentage of those travelers were families with kids. Airlines are taking this into account, providing more innovative kid-friendly options to make the holiday travel season merrier and brighter than ever before for families everywhere.

Kid-Friendly Moving Maps

FlightPath3D’s kids maps include detailed visuals and interactive information on continents, oceans, deserts and even animals from various regions around the globe. They also feature clickable points-of-interest which allow young travelers to explore global landmarks and destinations.

United Airlines’ Star Wars Amenity Kits

Although the carrier’s Dark Side/Light Side Star Wars-themed Boeing 737-800 is proving to be hugely popular on social media, the real highlight for most fans this season are United’s coveted Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker amenity kits. Though they aren’t technically for kids, the amenity kits — which are available in United’s premium cabins on select flights worldwide — feature kid-friendly loot like Star Wars socks, dental kits, eye masks and even earbuds. Approve of this promotion, Baby Yoda surely would.

United Star Wars Amenity Kit

Image via United

Air France’s Questions in the Sky

Most parents will agree that kids ask a lot of questions. Air France has created a fully interactive “question machine” for kids called, appropriately enough, Questions in the Sky. Played via a touchscreen airplane which users “fly” to various clouds to collect answers to young flyers’ FAQs, the game is so much fun that parents will surely want a turn in the virtual cockpit as well.

KLMs In-Flight Magazine for Kids

Wherever parents stand on the age-old screen time debate, almost everyone agrees that anything that gets kids reading is good. Which is why KLM’s recently launched in-flight magazine for kids, the Holland Herald Junior, is such a welcome surprise. The first issue was released in conjunction with KLM’s celebration of their 100th anniversary in October.

Air Canadas Family Check-In Counters

In addition to kid-friendly IFE, Skyriders goodies bags and “kid-approved” menu options, Air Canada also offers designated family check-in counters at airports throughout Canada.

Alaska Airlines’ KidsChoice Picnic Pack

Speaking of kid-friendly food, Alaska Airline’s Kids’ Choice Picnic Pack is the boxed airplane lunch to beat right now. Offering up Pirate’s booty, Tree Top strawberry applesauce, YumEarth organic fruit snacks, and more, it’s like someone hacked your kid’s lunchbox from home. If, in fact, your child’s lunchbox from home also included a Wikki Stix play pack!

Kids Fly Free on Frontier

Although a number of carriers offer “kids fly free” programs during the holidays, Frontier Airlines also offers up a wide selection of activity coloring sheets, a colorful map that kids can use to chart their flight and certificates that kids can have signed by the pilot and cabin crew.

The Road Ahead

Looking ahead, expect to see new moving map solutions on select Panasonic systems from gender-neutral gaming pioneers Toca Boca and augmented reality (AR) games from Bayart Innovations. If the prototypes Bayart unveiled at the recent FTE APEX ASIA EXPO in Singapore — which offer users the ability to play with a physical airline-provided toy in an AR environment on screen — are any indication, this might be another innovation geared towards kids of all ages, including parents!