Qatar AR football game

Image via AliveNow

Qatar Airways celebrates the launch of FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019™ with an augmented reality (AR) football experience developed by AliveNow.

Although blinking during a real-life football match might cost you the game, Qatar Airways’ AR football experience doesn’t just encourage sports fans to blink when they play – it’s how goals are scored.

Set to coincide with the launch of the FIFA Club World Cup in Doha this week, the immersive game leverages the new Facebook AR ads format to also allow passengers to play directly from Facebook’s newsfeed without having to install any additional applications.

Encouraging passengers to interact with the Qatar Airways brand in the AR football experience, the carrier hopes to bridge the divide between the real and virtual worlds by incorporating unique call-to-actions within the experience itself. This allows passengers to travel seamlessly between engaging with the Qatar Airways brand in the game to learning more about travel packages to attend the FIFA Club World Cup.

To add some real-world star wattage to the proceedings, Qatar also launched a creative campaign featuring football legend Xavi playing the game.

Blink to Score

Xavi scored 15 goals ⚽, Can you beat his score? Use your smartphone device and click here to challenge Xavi

Posted by Qatar Airways on Saturday, December 7, 2019

Qatar Airways’ senior vice-president, Corporate Communications, Salam Al Shawa, said that this initiative isn’t just fun for football fans around the globe but also perfectly aligned with Qatar’s mission to bring people together.

“Qatar Airways is constantly pioneering new ways to interact with our passengers, and we are grateful to Facebook for sharing our passion for innovation to enhance our customers’ experience,” Al Shawa said.

Facebook’s managing director for MENA, Ramez Shehadi, seems to agree, noting that the use of AR is growing among people and businesses throughout the region, from try-on product experiences to immersive filters for games and movies. “AR enables people to connect with businesses and products in new ways,” Shehadi said. “We are excited to pilot this new ad format with Qatar Airways to build more engaging mobile ad experiences and boost audience engagement.”