Image: Courtesy of Joshua Hirschheimer

As a first-timer to the upcoming APEX TECH, January 29–30, Joshua Hirschheimer, senior manager of Aerospace at Porsche Consulting, sees the event as an opportunity to learn how others are using technology and data to innovate the passenger travel journey as well as share insights from Porsche. He will be speaking on the thought-leadership panel “Bridging Technology and Customer Experience.”

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Location: ATL
Seatback or PED? PED – I always use my iPad
Passport stamp you wish you had: Thailand
Latest obsession: The Atlanta restaurant scene as I’m still new to this city.
The future of flight will be: Green

Porsche is better known for its luxury sports cars than its consulting services. What kind of work does it do in aviation?
Our experts support companies primarily with major transformations, performance improvement and innovative capacity enhancement to help them become the Porsche of their industry. Clients range from large corporations to medium-sized companies across many industries worldwide. One recent project in aerospace involves a major North American airline, for which we are helping improve irregular and day-of operations management and helping streamline Wi-Fi installation to reduce their aircraft downtime.

How does Porche’s innovation cross over between industries?
Automotive OEMs and their suppliers are investing and developing technologies for a future mobility ecosystem that is increasingly autonomous, connected and electrified. The classical boundaries between aerospace and automotive are fading and partnerships are evolving under the umbrella of mobility. An example of this is the recent announcement from Porsche and Boeing, who are engaging in a joint research approach in vertical mobility.

Why did Porsche Consulting join APEX?
We are excited to meet the people who are influential in helping shape and enhance the passenger experience. It’s the opportunity to keep a pulse on the industry and trends so that we can be the best partners to our clients.

What do you look forward to most about APEX TECH? I’m eager to learn how other companies are leveraging technology and data to innovate the passenger travel journey. I’ve spent a great deal of my career on the technology side of the aviation business and I hope to gain new insights that can be applied to better the future of travel.

“The classical industry boundaries between aerospace and automotive are fading and partnerships are evolving under the umbrella of mobility.”

Did you choose the airline industry or did it choose you?
I definitely chose the airline industry. Since I was young, I’ve been fascinated with planes, airports and travel. I focused my education in Urban Planning and Transportation, ultimately to end up in an aviation school for my MBA.

Every job has a cool factor, what’s yours?
Being located at One Porsche Drive, which includes the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta and being at the epicenter of the mobility transformation. It doesn’t hurt that I have the driving track and a view of the runways at ATL in my backyard at work. 

Do you have a ritual either pre- during or post-flight?
For the last 10 years, I have kept track of every flight that I have flown in my phone. I document the airline, flight, class of service, runways used and any other special notes about the plane (like a special livery). Additionally, I collect my boarding passes. They are available digitally now but I still print them out. I haven’t quite decided what to do with them yet, but they will be used to make some type of artwork later in life.

What do you think is the most overlooked aspect of the airline passenger experience?
A heavily overlooked aspect of the airline passenger experience is that which happens outside of the travel ribbon. Passenger needs are greater than the journey between departing and arrival airports. Expansion into end-to-end multimodal transportation is an inevitability as passengers will want their travel to be as connected as the rest of their calendars. Airlines, airports, and other mobility service providers will have to integrate further in order to properly serve them anywhere along the journey.


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