Aegean Airlines' new brand identity, created by PriestmanGoode.

The Aegean Airlines rebrand covers a multitude of both physical and digital touch points. All images via PriestmanGoode

London-based design company PriestmanGoode has helped to shape Aegean Airlines’ new brand identity, livery and cabin interiors, using Greece’s culture and landscape as its inspiration. With a record 33 million tourists visiting destinations in Greece in 2018 alone and that number expected to increase to more than 47 million by 2027, Aegeans rebrand could not come at a better time.

Breathing new life into an established airline brand is tricky, particularly when that airline is the official flag carrier of a country like Greece, where tourism is king. But judging from the results of its nose-to-tail rebrand for Aegean Airlines, which was unveiled yesterday in Athens, the design team at PriestmanGoode got every detail right, and then some.

Inspired by the white and silver-blues of the Greek skies and the deep azure hues of the Aegean Sea, PriestmanGoode took care to incorporate the bold, clean symmetry of classic Greek architecture into many elements of the revamp.

The London-based studio also worked closely with the carrier to develop a forward-thinking vision for the new brand that includes logo design, livery, digital products, cabin interiors, amenity kits and even meal services.

Aegean Airlines' new livery, created by PriestmanGoode.

The new Aegean Airlines livery. Image via Aegean Airlines

Also key to the rebrand was PriestmanGoodes transformation of Aegeans beloved gull logo. The new Aegean logo consists of two elements, the Aegean wordmark and the twin-gull symbol. Together, they represent a sleek, modern take on Greeces rich design heritage while also embracing the carriers core values of harmony and balance between the Aegean Sea and surrounding skies.

Working with PriestmanGoode has been an incredibly fruitful partnership,” said Aegeans marketing director, Marina Valvi. They worked closely with us throughout the process to understand our needs, and to create a new brand identity that was respectful of our much-loved existing identity and reflected our vision for the future. Were thrilled with the end result and are looking forward to rolling this out across all our products and services.” 

This has been one of our most comprehensive branding projects to date,” said Anthony Morgan, head of Brand, PriestmanGoode. It has been truly rewarding working alongside Aegean to see how we can carry forward their brand heritage and design a new identity that will take the airline into the future as one of Europes most loved carriers.”

The future also extends well into the digital space, with PriestmanGoode designing every aspect of the carriers new online brand identity as well. The world has changed immeasurably since the last iteration of the airlines brand identity, and airlines now need to have a strong online presence,” added Morgan. [So] we have designed a distinct identity that can apply across both physical and digital touch-points.”