Contentino MIS

A sample chart from Contentino’s MIS report. Image via Contentino

Contentino Media has launched an in-flight entertainment market insight service (MIS), after airlines and content service providers (CSPs) expressed interest at APEX EXPO. The service helps IFE decision-makers identify trends, which is becoming increasingly important as the amount of content available multiplies.

With more than 25,000 TV shows, 3,500 movies, hours of music videos, animated content and 300-plus televised Gujarati and Marathi regional theatre performances Contentino Media has one of the most diverse collections of Indian content in the in-flight entertainment (IFE) space. And now, in an effort to help its customers better understand their partners, suppliers and the competition in the IFE market as a whole, Contentino is also offering a monthly MIS report to its airline and CSP customers.

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“Airlines want the best IFE for their customers, therefore they want to be on top of what is out there in the market and the trends. But it may not [always] be possible for airlines and CSPs to keep track of all that is going on,” said Murtuza Kagalwala, managing partner, Contentino. “In order to service this need, Contentino has formed a new team that is creating a monthly MIS report which provides complete details on IFE for various airlines globally.”

Contentino’s MIS team captures IFE data manually from more than 40 airlines each month via a combination of in-flight magazines, airline websites and airline IFE apps, then feeds that information into an automated in-house software tool to generate the reports. The MIS reports are then provided to Contentino’s interested airline partners via a monthly XLS sheet with a detailed PowerPoint analysis, which utilizes both a quantitative and qualitative approach.

So, not only are airlines kept informed about how many pieces of new content other airlines add or refresh every month, but they can also track the categories, languages, genres and a host of other trends happening each month around the globe as well. Contentino’s MIS services also allow airlines to choose the number of carriers they would like to keep track of from month to month.

“For any industry, analysis is very important. For IFE, with its growing amount of content availability, it is crucial for any planner to know [not just] who is buying what and when … but also what is working and what is not,” Kagalwala said. “Our reports cannot indicate what is working on the planes in terms of viewership for each content [selection]. However, if we follow the trend of content taken by a particular airline, the pattern can infer what is working for the airline [because] the airline is taking more of that content.”

“For any industry, analysis is very important.” – Murtuza Kagalwala, Contentino

Contentino’s MIS service is currently in use by two airlines and a dozen more global airlines and CSPs have expressed interest, according to Kagalwala. “This is a fairly new service offering from Contentino,” Kagalwala added. “We started talking to airlines and CSPs about our MIS at APEX EXPO and since then we have received quite a few airline queries.”

Noting that Contentino has already completed several reports for an Asia-based carrier – who has been analyzing data across 8 to 10 airlines monthly – Kagalwala said the reports have helped that airline map out both its content mix and the amount of content it needs from month to month.

“All airlines should be interested in this service,” adds Kagalwala. “It is very relevant information [which] allows airlines to keep up with their peers in the industry and provide an updated customer experience for their passengers.”