Charlotte Dodson, Self-Care in the Air’s health ambassador and instructor. Image via @charlottedodsonyoga

FlyWell’s Self-Care in the Air videos provide techniques that can lower stress hormones, which compromise travelers’ immune systems and make them more susceptible to contracting illnesses, such as COVID-19.

With air travel schedules and regulations changing from day to day (and sometimes hour by hour) as airlines around the globe grapple with the impact of COVID-19, this has become an exceptionally stressful time to fly. FlyWell’s Self-Care in the Air in-flight wellness program aims to help passengers and cabin crew manage stress and strengthen their immune system during this uncertain time. Currently available via a downloadable app, this recently launched “sister program” to the award-winning FlyWell IFE platform is also on offer for to licensing.

While Self-Care in the Air’s comprehensive digital library of onboard exercises, mindfulness techniques and healthy travel tips cannot directly prevent the spread of COVID-19 or cure those who have contracted it, according to Charlotte Dodson, Self-Care in the Air’s health ambassador and instructor, the program can help ease the minds of those in the airplane cabin.

“If people are flying, it means they need to travel. Regardless of their reasoning, most of them will be under higher-than-normal levels of stress due to current circumstances,” Dodson said. “Performing relaxation exercises and listening to soothing music can reduce cortisol levels, which helps an individual in managing their stress and proves beneficial to their overall health.”

Self-care in the Air consists of a variety of educational videos that take a few minutes to digest, but the benefits can be profound, according to Dodson. And Self-Care in the Air’s original approach to well-being advice – like a smiling organ meditation and a guided visualization to soothe a sore throat, for instance – is unique to this program.

Another important tenet of the program that Dodson encourages users to remember is to maintain a healthy sense of humor. “Self-Care’s powerful holistic tips and tools can be helpful wherever you find yourself, whether traveling in the air or at home in self-isolation,” Dodson explained. “There is truth in laughter being the best medicine. Connecting with things that make you happy and contribute to a positive outlook can lower stress levels. Being in a state of happiness has other benefits too, such as lower blood pressure levels and a stronger immune system.”