The Weekly Wrap with APEX: Episode 2

Image: Nicolas Venturelli

The second episode of The Weekly Wrap focuses on the most interesting takeaways from FlightPlan, the online broadcast event hosted by Inmarsat Aviation and APEX, with input from Dominic Walters, VP Marketing Communications and Strategy at Inmarsat Aviation. In particular, hosts Seth Miller and Maryann Simson discuss the results of the FlightPlan survey and the panel session on in-flight connectivity.

Later on in the show, the pair consider the future medical checks passengers may have to undertake throughout their air travel journeys based on the new testing procedures introduced by industry players such as Emirates and Hong Kong International Airport.

To watch the FlightPlan online broadcast, click here.

See below for a rundown of the different topics discussed throughout the episode:

(0:15) Inmarsat FlightPlan: Broadcast highlights

(2:40) Inmarsat FlightPlan: Should Wi-Fi be free?

(5:15) Dom Walters, VP of Marketing Communications and Strategy, Inmarsat on aviation’s digital transformation

(8:25) Emirates’ blood tests at DXB

(9:00) HKG disinfection booth in trial

(11:40) Delta Flight Products’ quarantine cargo containers for US military