Factorydesign's "social distancing screen" concept, which blocks out the middle seats in the aircraft cabin. Image via Factorydesign

Factorydesign’s “social distancing screen” concept. Image via Factorydesign

In this week’s episode of The Weekly Wrap, hosts Maryann Simson and Seth Miller mull the controversial topic of blocking middle seats on board, following IATA’s announcement that it views the practice as unsustainable and unnecessary. For another perspective on the great seat debate, Factorydesign’s founder and director Peter Tennent joins to discuss the firm’s “Isolate” screen concept for enhanced privacy and hygiene in the cabin.

Finally, the hosts discuss Virgin Atlantic’s latest cost-cutting measures – including its withdrawal from London Gatwick Airport – and delve into the “green” conditions of Air France-KLM’s government bailout.

See below for a rundown of the different topics discussed throughout the episode:

(0:33) Seth’s aviation memorabilia

(1:47) Virgin Atlantic’s cost-saving plans

(2:56) IATA’s stance on safety precautions throughout the air travel journey

(6:30) Factorydesign’s new “Isolate” seating concept

(7:49) Peter Tennent, founder and director of Factorydesign, discusses the “Isolate” seating concept

(10:21) The “green strings” attached to the Air France-KLM government bailout