In this episode of The Weekly Wrap with APEX, Maryann and Seth look at how the re-opening of international transit hubs in the UAE and Asia is enabling long-haul travel again; why the UK’s 14-day quarantine policy for incoming travelers is unpopular with airlines; and a new partnership between Honeywell and the UV disinfecting solution GermFalcon. They also discuss Delta’s plans to diversify its in-flight connectivity portfolio and what that could mean for Gogo, as well as Phasor’s new owner.

The special guest this week is deputy editor of APEX Media, Valerie Silva, who provides an insight into how the editorial team pivoted on its planned topics to focus on the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic and shares her thoughts on some of the more notable interviews and features.

See below for a rundown of the different topics discussed throughout the episode:

(0:18) The reopening of transit hubs in the UAE and Asia
(2:35) The effect of the UK’s 14-day quarantine policy
(5:02) Valerie Silva, deputy editor, APEX Experience, on creating its first-ever digital-only issue
(9:42) Delta’s search for a new Ka-band supplier for its in-flight connectivity service
(10:28) Phasor’s new owner
(11:10) APEX Media’s Satcoms for Aircraft YouTube series
(12:17) GermFalcon’s production and distribution deal with Honeywell Aerospace

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